Thursday, May 24, 2012


Welcome back to the mid of the Year in the Solomon Islands, when the rains is due to come and the activities are gearing up...the Talk of town now is the up coming South Pacific Arts Festival which would be hosted here in Honiara and neighbouring islands. 

Solomon Islands promises to host a show that will never be forgotten, and I am sure from the outset of the preparations, it would seem that this is going to happen...I am  planning to put up pictures of the preparations but, would like to do so when all the prep work is done and complete...just to arouse our regions expectations and imaginations of what is to come...So wantoks in the Pacific Region, come  to Solomon Islands and see for yourself what is in store for the festivals and the modelling of the islands' forgotten past.  See you in the Festival...

For information on this check our these Websites:
11th South Pacific Arts Festival 2012

Pacific Arts Festival – Honiara Ready And Waiting

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